Vitamins And Minerals To Take To Prevent Or Correct Erectile Dysfunction

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Men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) don’t get or maintain a normal erection. The condition can be caused by many factors that include reduced blood flow to the penis, psychological issues, medications and hormonal issues. Traditional treatment for ED includes drugs, psychotherapy and difference devices. Also, there are vitamins and minerals which can help in improving erectile dysfunction. But, if you are looking to take impotence and harder erections supplements, you should consult your doctor first.

Vitamin C

This antioxidant vitamin helps in preventing cellular damage due to free radicals. Also, it plays an important role in improving symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men and women as it improves the flow of blood in the genital area.

Vitamin E

This vitamin improves the effects of traditional medicines used for ED. Supplementing with this vitamin is likely to help with sexual dysfunction since it supports hormone production.


Studies have found that calcium has a positive influence on some vascular factors and improves ED. They suggest that when combined with vitamin C and E, calcium may help traditional medicines for ED work more effectively.

Folic Acid

Getting lots of folic acid in the diet every day is important to maintain adequate sexual function. Research shows that a deficiency in folic acid is linked with ED, potentially because of the impact of folic acid on nitric oxide metabolism. Every man needs 400 micrograms of folic acid every day.


The antioxidant properties of selenium make it beneficial for erectile dysfunction. Researchers reveal that antioxidants may improve male sexual function. And supplementing with selenium alongside vitamin E may improve sperm motility and semen quality, necessary for men fertility.

Vitamin B3

Getting enough dose of niacin or vitamin B3 every day is important for maximum sexual health. Niacin helps in improving ED in those who have high blood cholesterol and moderate to serious erectile dysfunction. It is imperative to consume a variety of foods rich in niacin and take a multivitamin supplement with vitamin B3.


Although more research is required to examine the impacts of zinc on erectile dysfunction, studies have shown promising results. Researchers say that supplementing with zinc is likely to enhance testosterone levels in men and could benefit those with ED. Men need 11 milligrams of zinc every day.

Make sure you check with your physician before you take high doses of vitamins or minerals to correct or prevent erectile dysfunction. More studies are needed to identify the appropriate nutrient dosages for erectile dysfunction treatment.

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